Kevin Urban

Director, Data Science at Cohen Veterans Bioscience

Kevin began his career developing space weather prediction models using a diverse range of complex data sets stemming from NASA and NOAA spacecraft missions in Earth’s ionosphere, magnetosphere, and interplanetary space, as well as from large-scale networks of ground-based instrumentation. During this time, Kevin also published on space mission design and dynamical system modeling of granular fluid systems. After receiving his PhD in physics from New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University, Kevin worked as a data scientist at WWE, where he built predictive models for subscriber behavior on the WWE Network (a monthly, direct-to-consumer, video streaming service averaging ~2 million daily active subscribers) and led various data engineering efforts, such as the collection, ingestion, and harmonization of WWE fan data across a host of social media and online platforms. At Cohen Veterans Bioscience, Kevin has worked with wearable sensor datasets in effort to identify “digital biomarkers” that might be used to track health status and disease progression.


  • Director, Data Science

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