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Org chart

James Steyer
Founder & CEO

James Steyer

Ellen Pack
Omar Khan
Chief Product & Technology Officer
Linda Burch
Chief Strategy & Development Officer
Yvette Renteria
Chief Program Officer
David Kuizenga
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Danny Weiss
Chief Advocacy Officer
Sarah Rosenbach
Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Jill Murphy
Editor in Chief & Head, Distribution
Sara Egozi
Head of Global Strategy & Policy
Jason Maymon
VP, Communications
Merve Lapus
VP, Outreach & National Partnerships, Common Sense Education
James Kleven
VP, People Operations
Beth Sears
VP, Foundation Partnerships
Elizabeth Foley
Senior Director, Advocacy Campaigns
Amina Nawaz Fazlullah
Senior Director, Equity Policy
Diane Jones Lowrey
Senior Director, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Marisa Naughton
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
Michele Erausquin
Senior Director, Video
Li Lai
Senior Director, Content
Ilana Lowery
Arizona Director
Jacqueline Carambat
Director, Development Operations & Communications
Gordon Lee
Director, Salesforce Solution Architect
Chris Arth
Design Director, Product & Marketing
Carina Mifuel
Member Experience Manager
Supreet Mann
Research Manager
Adam Vinter
Common Sense Manager, Omaha, Nebraska
Robbie Torney
Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO
Jaliya Washington
Senior Manager, Development Events
Jay Silverman
Partnerships Manager
Natalia Garcia
Head of Public Affairs
Amanda Lenhart
Head, Research
Grace Jordan
Director, Consumer Marketing
Matthew Yung
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Brittany Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
Jasmine Hood Miller
Director, Community Content & Engagement
Andrea Moreno Porto
Senior Manager, Audience Engagement & Distribution
Emely Vertiz
Senior Graphic Designer
Claudia Badillo
Workplace & People Operations Manager
Cami Brunjes
Executive Assistant to the CEO