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Leo Parsons
CEO & President

Leo Parsons

Michael Parsons
Executive Vice President
Brian Parsons
COO & Vice President
Chris Howe
CFO & VP, Accounting
Steve Costa
CFO & VP, Corporate Affairs
Thomas Knoblauch
General Counsel
Andy Parsons
VP, Cable & Business Division
Jim O’Hara
VP, NES Marketing
Qing Wang
VP, Corporate Quality
Dave Burt
VP, CTDI International
Greg Panik
VP, International Operations
Jim Reid
VP, Video & Broadband Division
Eric Miller
VP, Product Supply Division
Kevin Parsons
VP, Carrier Networks Division
Sean Parsons
VP, Mobility & Consumer Electronics Business Unit
Jacques Louvet
VP, Repair Tech Innovation
Yeechun Su
VP, Human Resources
Rob Sandora
VP, MPS Android Division
Bill Belus
VP, Global Implementation, Mobility Operations
Sammy Wilkerson
Director, Program Operations
Steven Tang
Director, FP&E
Kirk Whittemore
Director, Warehouse Automation
Matt Dubrule
Director, ACE Programs