Claudio Vaccarella

Co-founder And CEO at Connected-Stories

Claudio Vaccarella has had a successful career in the technology and new media industry. Claudio founded and served as CEO of several companies, including HyperTV, Vejo Park, Show Farm, and Smarten Software. Through these ventures, they developed and invested in projects at the intersection of technology, new media, and digital content. Additionally, Vaccarella served as a visiting professor at LUMSA and a board member at Datamat spa. Claudio also founded and served as CEO of the Consultancy and Projects Group, where they played a vital role in the development of computer networks and the introduction of support infrastructures for Internet services in Italy.

Claudio Vaccarella has pursued a Master's degree in Computer and Electronics at Sapienza Università di Roma. The duration of this educational program is not specified.



  • Co-founder And CEO

    July 1, 2018 - present

  • Founder and CEO

    July, 2011