CrossAmerica Partners

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CrossAmerica Partners LP is a NYSE wholesale distributor of motor fuels and lessor of real estate for fuel retailers throughout the Northeastern United States, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine and New H...





Charles M. Nifong, Jr.
President & CEO

Charles M. Nifong, Jr.

Maura Topper
Chief Financial Officer
Keenan D. Lynch
General Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer
David F. Hrinak
Executive Vice President
Tracy Derstine
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Bob Brecker
Executive Vice President, Operations
Stephen J. Lattig
SVP of Retail
Glenn C. Faust
Vice President, Wholesale Operations
Charlie Iszard
Director Of Marketing
Wayne Maresch
Director Of Technology Services
Anne Boran
Director Of Branded Fuels & Pricing