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DANA is an Indonesian technology Financial company that performs as a solution for digital payment 4.0 to replace conventional wallet.



  • Resilience

    Key behavior: √ See each moment in life as another opportunity to thrive and flourish.  √ Learn from the mistakes instead of making the same ones. √ Using strategies to stay calm and focused when experiencing challenges.

  • Result Driven

    Key behavior: √ Achieve result is the ultimate goals. √ High agility on the process to achieve the goals. √ Monitor progress and make adjustment.

  • Embrace Change

    Key behavior: √ Acknowledge the change so we need to change accordingly. √ Collaborate leverage the team’s expertise on implementing strategy of change. √ Support the change by, absorb, understand and move on.

  • Teamwork

    Key behavior: √ Never think we can work alone/solitaire. √ Engage to build team synergy. √ Remove obstacles to help the group achieve its common goals.

  • Humble

    Key behavior: √ Appreciate others contribution and achievement. √ Constantly asking for feedback and open to the new idea that support DANA’s goals. √ Feel good about doing good thing with and for others.

  • Customer First

    Key behavior: √ Serve customer as priority action. √ Ensure best experience and added value is delivered. √ Act on customers’ need and expectation.

  • Integrity

    Key behavior: √ Be sincere and real. √ Be responsible. Do what you say you will do.  √ Have courage to say ‘No’ to things that against the law and ethics and will harm DANA as organization. 

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Yoko Ahadazaro
Software Development Engineer Manager
Aditya Satriady
Senior Software Development Engineer in Test
Fernando Prayogo
Software Development Engineer
Billy Kaleb
Associate Software Development Engineer
Lia Amanda
Senior Technical Writer
Nurjannah Lubis
Senior Technical Writer
Harris Febryantony Z
Software Development Engineer
Anugrah Rohmat
Software Development Engineer
Fauhan Pugar
Software Development Engineer
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