Christine Berger (She/Her)

Resident Architect at dbt Labs

Christine is a Senior Analytics Engineer at dbt Labs.

She previously studied Software and Database Design while working as a face painter and freelancing art. She got her foot in the door of the tech industry through graphic design, worked her way up to user interface design, and after graduating finally landed a software developer role. Shortly after, she was tossed in to an analytics project where she successfully lead the journey to scalable and reliable analytics using her engineering mindset.


Panama City, United States


Work style

How I prefer to work



Mostly in a team

Qualities I value in my colleagues

  • Honesty
  • patience
  • ownership
  • empathy
  • curiosity

My communication style

  • Casual
  • open
  • curious
  • calm
  • positive

My pet peeves

  • Pessimism
  • arrogance
  • impatience
  • politics
  • poor communication


  • Resident Architect

    September 1, 2023 - present

  • Analytics Engineer

    February, 2021

  • Data Analyst

    March, 2020

  • Senior Analytics Engineer

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