Liliya Abie

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at dbt Labs

Liliya works at dbt Labs as the Revenue Recruiter. The grassroots feel and the ability to make a direct impact immediately drew her interest to dbt. “It excited me to be a part of the future in the data space and I’m pumped to hire great people and build our legacy here.”

Before joining dbt Labs, Liliya worked at AppFolio for 5 years. “I started AppFolio right after school, so it was a mixture of trial, error, and a whole lot of success that came out of that. I joined when they were still "small" as the 4th person on the HR team. When I left, there were almost 40 of us on the team. I was able to set the stage and help build out our recruiting team + hire over 500 people at the company to do great things.”

Some of Liliya’s personal values are authenticity, balance/harmony, adventure, and grace/compassion. “I believe in always being yourself while also being respectful of others. I believe in the "hedonic treadmill" where you are not too much, not too little, but right in the middle. I'm a big goof, love a good laugh, and think that the workplace should also be a fun adventurous setting as well. And I also know that life can get tough, and to always give yourself and others grace and compassion.”

Outside of her job at dbt, Liliya runs a photography business on the side and has her hands full with two puppies. She also loves the outdoors and you can catch her paddle-boarding on the lake probably every weekend. She also into fitness and health, and she runs a Spartan Race every year. “I'm also big into wellness and am involved in yoga, meditation, and in the mental health community.”

One thing that might surprise you about Liliya is that she’s actually a big introvert and is shy with “a smidge of social anxiety.”

“No one could tell because I hide it pretty well :) But after I open up, I'm unstoppable.”

You should reach out to Liliya if you want to talk about fitness, photography, animals, food, or mental health!


Stafford, United States



  • Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

    Current role

  • Revenue Talent Acquisition Partner

    April, 2021

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