Dexter Axle


Dexter is an industry leader with a highly developed distribution network and plants in the states of Indiana, Oklahoma, Georgia, California, Tennessee, Florida, and Texas and in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta in Canada.





Org chart

Adam Dexter
President & CEO

Adam Dexter

Andy Jamison
VP of Sales, Distribution and Product Mgmt.
Bryan S. Thursby
Executive VP of Sales & Marketing
John Economou
Marine President & VP of Axle Operations
Nik Ljoljic
Director of Corporate Development
Patrick Keene
VP of Human Resources
Matthew Warrelman
VP, Procurement
Rob Gelven
VP, Quality
Warren Hurt
Director Of Manufacturing Engineering
Darin Bongiovanni
Applications Developer Manager
Tim Prelac
Engineering Manager
Jeremiah Jacobson
Chief Financial Officer
Brian Raval
Credit Director
Thomas Hamlink
Vice President Of Finance - Distribution
Ann Allen
Accounts Payable Manager
Brian Schwarz
Plant Controller
Duncan Comstock
General Accountant
Greg Trezise
Corporate Controller
Brian Collins
Senior Vice President Operations
Nick Kurnick
Vice President Of Distribution
Robert Weekly
Vice President Of Distribution
Kathleen Ernst
Director Of Logistics
Mike Oliver
Sr Director Of Merchandising At Dexter
Charles Vaughn
Business Unit President
Laurie T.
Director Of Business Development
Joe Prelac
Plant Manager
Matthew Webb
Plant Manager