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DoiT International works with fast growing, digitally savvy companies around the world, helping them harness public cloud technology and services to achieve big goals. Committed to solving both essential and advanced cloud challenges, DoiT provides intelligent technology that simplifies and automates cloud use, alongside expert consultancy and unlimited technical support. Our technology portfolio is backed by de...



  • Act As One Team

    Each of us has wealth of experience and a strong sense of personal ownership, but we are deeply collaborative, supportive, and aligned on our mission.

  • Wow the Customer

    We take great satisfaction in delighting our customers - Be it in solving tactical problems well above expectations or supporting their entire strategic cloud journey.

  • See It Through

    We love what we do and care deeply about the quality of our work and the end results, down to the smallest details.

  • Be Entrepreneurial

    We’re able to see the "big picture" and solve issues that have a high impact on our customers, our team, and our business. This is our company and we’re here to do big things.

  • Pursue Knowledge

    We are self-motivated, open-minded, and passionate about being lifelong learners. We’re always on the hunt for new challenges, skills, ideas, and experiences - and we love sharing our findings.

  • Have Fun

    Joke, Laugh, Hangout - Have a good time and enjoy the ride!

Insider experiences

What’s your favorite thing about working at DoiT International?

My favorite thing about working at DoiT so far has to be the willingness of all my colleagues to help out with anything and to grab a coffee and chat whenever you need them. We also share a lot of credit with others here, so I think we have a really positive and collaborative culture here!

What's the biggest lesson you've learned at DoiT International?

Working with such a diverse team has been incredible for me to understand how different cultures approach work, take and receive feedback, and collaborate as a team.

Kristen Tronsky
Chief People Officer
Vadim Solovey
CTO & General Manager
Scott White
Chief Revenue Officer
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  • Finance

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  • People Operations

    17 members

  • Marketing

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New!Team announcement

DoiT Ranked No15 on Fast Company's 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators

DoiT Ranked No15 on Fast Company's 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators

We are delighted to be named #15 on Fast Company's 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators 🚀 This one is dedicated to our Do'ers, the driving force behind our innovation. https://www.fastcompany.com/best-workplaces-for-innovators/list

Other announcement

Good Do'er Day

Good Do'er Day

Last week several Do’ers from our People Operations team participated in Good Do’er Day. This is where Do’ers get to choose an organization or an event to help give back to their community. Katrina Gladstone and Kristen Tronsky, SPHR were helping out at a local food bank in Boston, MA. Michele Herskowicz and Lital Ben Porat (She/Her) were helping to serve hot meals in Israel. Taylor Marie Tiefen, in California, seen with her dog Lua, are in sunny San Diego, CA picking up trash on the beach. Hannah Guzman was helping out at a pregnancy crisis center. Victoria Cioffi is seen helping out at her local animal shelter, where she adopted a new family member. Additionally, we had others open time on their calendars to assist with career advice in the form of resume reviews, interview coaching, networking, and building your personal brand. We are so proud of our Do’ers who give back to the community in more ways than one.

Team announcement

Meet DoiT’s Vice President of EMEA Sales: James Moore

Meet DoiT’s Vice President of EMEA Sales: James Moore

Cloud consulting company DoiT International is thrilled to announce the promotion of James Moore to VP of EMEA Sales. Since joining the DoiT team 2 years ago, James has been promoted four times, most recently from Head of EMEA, and these advancements speak to his hard work and his dedication to the growth and success of his team. James is an avid technology enthusiast. Starting his career at Cisco he has been in the software industry, but eager to transition into the booming cloud space he joined two of the world’s largest tech companies, Google and Amazon. There he was able to gain expertise in Google Cloud and AWS, respectively. James found his way to DoiT when CTO and co-founder Vadim Solovey contacted him about an opportunity to open up DoiT’s U.K. office and strategically build out the EMEA team. Attracted to the position both because of DoiT’s close partnerships with his previous organizations and for the incredible chance to build a team from the ground up, have a large impact and learn a new range of skills. “I just knew that with our proposition, the market and the vendors were crying out for something like this. Once I had one or two customer conversations I couldn't be more motivated because I could genuinely see the impact we were going to have,” he said. When James first joined as a Country Manager UKI in 2019, he began as the sole European employee located outside of DoiT’s Israel headquarters and was working in an office of empty desks. Since then, he has been able to build out the sales, engineering, marketing, finance, HR teams and more. James has had previous experience growing hyper-scaling teams and felt “it was really important to get the culture right, as it is often set from the top down.” In order to build a great culture, James wanted to reinforce the values that DoiT already had and hire accordingly. He describes the people at DoiT as “incredibly curious, self-motivated and entrepreneurial.” One of James' favourite aspects of the DoiT culture is that the employees work hard and get recognized for their efforts. “We have a team that is highly collaborative and everyone has this ‘do it’ mentality… There is no one here who is not at the top of their game.” James continued, “People should be aware of how quickly you can progress in an organization like DoiT. With the larger organizations that have that [fixed] structure, [one’s growth] is always incremental.” Since the pandemic, DoiT has transitioned to be a fully remote organization, which has proven successful for hiring top-tier talent anywhere in the world. However it is still important to James that he brings the team together, so once a month they meet for team-building, giving back to the community, socializing and having fun. Working from home has many benefits but it still comes with its own slew of challenges: Remote workers often have trouble coordinating, communicating and finding a balance between work and home. James thanks his family for helping him manage his work-life balance. With two young children and a wife, he always has games, dinner and activities to participate in and separate his home life from his busy work schedule. Additionally, he is a firm believer in exercising the body and mind so he takes time to disconnect from technology which he finds “makes you a better person and has a positive impact on your work.” Whilst reflecting on what led to his promotion and growth, James attributes his success to the achievements of his team. “My success is down to the people. You can argue whether that’s down to hiring the right people and setting the right culture or being focused on what the objectives are, but I feel like the title is one thing but what it means is that I’ve got a great team around me.” When looking ahead, James admits that he is not one to fret on the future or devise a structured plan because he already feels humbled by where his career has taken him thus far. “When you apply yourself, with a lot of dedication and hard work, you can surprise yourself with what you can achieve.” At present, James is focused on the incredible goals that his team has for the upcoming year. With plans to double the EMEA team and expand to new markets, there are already many more achievements lined up ahead of him.

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Building Momentum with CKO 22

Building Momentum with CKO 22