Donnelly College

Donnelly is an independent, coeducational, Catholic institution founded by the Benedictine Sisters and sponsored by the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. The College was established in 1949 to meet the needs of urban immigrants and the working class, with special focus on those who might not oth... Read more




Org chart

Lisa Stoothoff
COO & Dean of the College
Emily K. Buckley
VP, Advancement
Mary Pflanz
AVP, Student Affairs
Anteniece Hodges
Academic Advisor
Karen Lombardi
Bloch Scholars Program Coordinator
Carol Doms
Academic Librarian
Norbert Seidler
Adjunct, Liberal Arts
Michael Megaris
Adjunct, Business Leadership
Vallie Guillory
Adjunct, Nursing
Julie Davis
Adjunct, Information Systems
Dwain Lyn-Sue
Adjunct, Lansing Correctional Facility
Natalie Canale
Adjunct, Liberal Arts
Jeffrey Lackey
Adjunct, Lansing Correctional Facility
Chris Lowrance
Adjunct, Liberal Arts
Ed Varhola
Adjunct, Business Leadership
Gregory Sanchez
Adjunct, Lansing Correctional Facility
Kathleen Williams
Adjunct, Nursing
Roger Thuma
Adjunct, Lansing Correctional Facility
Tory Baucum
Adjunct, Lansing Correctional Facility
Kathleen Kennedy
Adjunct, Liberal Arts
Teresa Wanjera Otieno
Adjunct, Information Systems
Anissa Parra-Grooms
Adjunct, Business Leadership
Jose Munoz
Adjunct, Business Leadership
Joseph Taylor
Adjunct, Lansing Correctional Facility
Stacy Mayer
Adjunct, Business Leadership
Russell Robinson
Adjunct, Nursing
Amanda Stueve Pense
Adjunct, Liberal Arts
Ann O'Meara
Adjunct, Business Leadership
Darcy Oetting
Adjunct, Business Leadership
Rafah Albayaty
Adjunct, Mathematics, Liberal Arts
Maddy Roumph
Admissions Counselor
Julian Scholl
Admissions Counselor
Jacob Marlay
Admissions Counselor
Marcea Brown
Advancement Coordinator
Dave Stanley
Advancement Officer
Erica Lipp
Annual Fund Coordinator
Erika Rothacher
Annual Fund Officer
Madison Clay
Assessment & Curriculum Coordinator
Cecilia Kroen
Assistant Professor & Assistant Director, Nursing
Joe Multhauf
Assistant Professor, Biology
Paula Console-Soican
Assistant Professor, English
Richard Esvang
Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
Nicholas Adongo
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Megan Kelly
Assistant Professor, Nursing
Patrick M. Owens
Assistant Professor, Philosophy & English
Simon Scholl
Assistant Registrar
Dhuha Shareef
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Barbara Kinney
BSN Specialist
Matthew Carney
Civic Engagement Coordinator & Jesuit Volunteer
Kyra Turner
Clinical Adjunct
Emily Jacobsen
Coordinator, Academic Affairs
Isaac Falcon Campos
Director, Academic Support
Stephani Berry
Director, Financial Aid
Gretchen Moffet
Director, Humanities & Associate Professor
Jennifer Bales
Director, Institutional Research & Registrar
Ana Maradiaga
Director, Liberal Arts & Sciences & Assistant Professor
Michaela Remijio
Director, Marketing & Communications
Aaron Williams
Director, Mission
Patty Palmietto
Director, Nursing
Tyler Seabaugh
Director, Strategic Enrollment
Emily Matis
Director, Title V
Chito Belchez
Adjunct, Nursing
Roger Berg
Donor Relations Database Manager
Matt Boland
Enrollment Marketing Specialist
Lindsey Weishar
Executive Assistant
Reginald Hollinshed
Facilities & Security Manager
Diamond Sauls
Financial Aid Counselor
Laura McKnight
Grants Manager
Patty Dickinson
Human Resources Coordinator
John Hewitt
Lansing Correctional Program Director
Othman Barzanji
Maintenance Coordinator
Maricela Aguayo
Maintenance & Facilities Specialist
Breonna Dunigans
Marketing & Digital Media Coordinator
Sara Tromba
Nursing Faculty
Malloree Froehlich
Nursing Faculty
Ruth Oropeza
Payroll & Accounting Specialist
Jesus Pelico
Student Accounts Coordinator
Juliette Paquette
Student Engagement Coordinator
Michelle Rucker
Student Records Coordinator
Anita Kelley
Title V Business Coordinator
Jonathon Westbrook
Title V Liaison & Adjunct
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