Svilen Rangelov

Co-Founder & CEO at Dronamics

Svilen Rangelov has an economics degree from Davidson College, US and worked in consulting before focusing fully on Dronamics, the company he founded with his brother Konstantin in 2014.

Svilen is passionate about the socio-economic impact of fast, affordable and green freight. Growing up on the fringes of Europe, he experienced firsthand the ‘invisible tax’ that communities and businesses outside traditional hubs are subjected to. A report by the World Bank which highlighted that better logistics have a greater effect on trade than tariff cuts and other similar policies, inspired Svilen to focus fully on developing Dronamics as a business that will change how the world moves goods.

Svilen is a frequent speaker at international events and forums on Unmanned Аеrial Systems, Advanced Air Mobility and innovation in logistics.



  • Co-Founder & CEO

    January, 2014 - present

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