Eva Saxe Forsling

Business Application Manager at NORDEN

Eva Saxe Forsling has a diverse work experience spanning various industries and roles. Eva began their career at Novozymes in 2008 as an Økonomielev and later worked as a Regnskabsassistent. In 2010, they joined DS NORDEN where they initially worked in the creditor department, handling tasks such as bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, and payment processing. Since 2012, they have been part of the shipteam, focusing on ship-related accounting responsibilities such as hire/bunker reconciliations and invoice processing. Eva'smost recent role at DS NORDEN is as a Shipping Controller. Prior to their tenure at DS NORDEN, they worked at Tivoli as a Service Medarbejder, where they were responsible for managing the ice cream shop, handling cash, inventory management, and serving customers.

Eva Saxe Forsling's education history includes several institutions and degrees. From 2009 to 2013, they attended Niels Brock and earned an Akademimerkonom degree in Økonomi og ressourcestyring. Additionally, from 2010 to 2012, they studied at Lyngby handelsskole and obtained a kontoruddannelse med speciale degree in Økonomi. Prior to these degrees, they attended Niels Brock from 2005 to 2007 and completed De merkantile Erhvervsuddannelsers grundforløb, although the field of study is not specified. Lastly, from 2002 to 2004, they attended Teknisk skole and completed Grundforløbet til beklædningshåndværker, also with an unspecified field of study.



  • Business Application Manager

    November, 2020 - present

  • Shipping Controller

    June, 2017

  • Regnskabsassistent

    March, 2010

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