Shekhar Singhal

Chief Engineer at NORDEN

Shekhar Singhal has a diverse work experience spanning several companies and roles. shekhar began their career in 2007 as a Design Engineer at Imperial Auto Industry in Faridabad. In 2008, they joined Executive Ship management in Singapore as a Marine Engineer, where they sailed on Oil, Chemical, and Gas tankers in the role of a Marine Engineering Officer. shekhar remained at Executive Ship management until 2013.

In 2013, Shekhar joined DS NORDEN, where they initially worked as a Marine Engineer. shekhar then progressed to the role of Chief Engineer in December 2020, a position they currently hold.

During 2017, they briefly worked as a Lecturer at CMET Lucknow. Overall, Shekhar Singhal has accumulated significant experience in the maritime and engineering fields throughout their career.

Shekhar Singhal's education history is as follows:

In 2003, they enrolled at GLA Institute of Technology and Management, where they pursued a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. shekhar completed their degree in 2007.

From 2007 to 2008, Shekhar attended Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, where they earned a Diploma in PG Marine.

Additionally, Shekhar obtained a certification in MEO Class 1 from DG Shipping, specializing in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

shekhar also received further certifications such as TOTA from D.G. Shipping, Government of India, in October 2017.

No specific start and end years are provided for their MEO CL 1 certification.



  • Chief Engineer

    December, 2020 - present

  • Marine Engineer

    January, 2013

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