Dyno Therapeutics


Dyno Therapeutics is a Cambridge based, VC-backed biotech startup that uses next-gen DNA technologies and machine learning to engineer Adeno-associated Virus (AAV) capsids for effective delivery of gene therapies.






Org chart

Eric Kelsic
CEO & Co-Founder

Eric Kelsic

Sam Sinai
Head of Computation & Co-Founder
Jorge Conde
General Partner
Dylan Morris
General Partner
Kosta Kleitsas
VP, Head of People
Iris Cheong
Controller, Finance
Jamie Kwasnieski
Head of Platform
Patrick McDonel
Head of Biology
Paige Swanson
Director & Head of Operations
Lisa Mendoza
Head of Partner Success
Trinh Pham-Dembinski
Head of Finance
Tyson Bertmaring
Head of Stewardship
Yvette Leung
Head of Corporate Development
Luke Amirault
Associate Manager, Operations
Bobby Ryterski
Senior Software Engineer, Computation
Nora Lutz
Senior Staff Software Engineer, Computation
Neha Prasad
Machine Learning Engineer II, Computation
Eran Hodis
Strategy Consultant
Brandon Satinsky
Sr. Scientist, Product Development
Demarcus Briers
Scientist II, Product Development
David Brookes
Senior Scientist, Computation
Abhishaike Mahajan
Engineer II, Product Development
Cameron Webster
Machine Learning Engineer I, Product Development
Meghan Thommes
Scientist I, Product Development
Joshua Wilde
Scientist I, Product Development
Sam Chen
Scientist I, Product Development
Melanie Chin
RA II, Platform
JJ Staiti
RA II, Platform
Roshana Krishnamurthy
RA II, Platform
Alice Tirard
Science Communication Specialist