Serena Zhao

Intern at elemind

Serena Zhao is a recent graduate of Smith College, where they majored in Neuroscience and minored in Mathematics. Serena has worked as an intern at several companies, including elemind, Global Research and Consulting Group, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, BrainMind, and The Connected Foundation. In their most recent position as a research intern at RSI, they worked on a project titled "Lagrangian Modeling of Oceanic Plastic Particle Transport in Massachusetts Bay".

Serena Zhao holds a Bachelor of Science from Harvard University in the field of Bioengineering. Serena also holds a High School Diploma from Manhasset High School. Serena has received certification from the CITI Program in Social/Behavioral Research.

They are on a team with and Scott Bressler - Lead Research Scientist. Serena Zhao reports to Heather Read, Chief Science Officer.


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