Florian Chevallier

Managing Director - Engie Solutions Hydrogène at Engie Group

Florian Chevallier has a background in engineering with a focus on strategy, finance, and marketing. Florian has held various leadership roles at ENGIE, including Managing Director of ENGIE Solutions Hydrogène, Deputy CMO, Head of offers marketing, Head of sales and partnership strategy, Finance Strategic Project Director, and Head of back office department. At Renault Group, Florian also worked as an Engine product manager. Throughout their career, Florian has been involved in developing innovative and profitable solutions in the energy sector, leading marketing teams, and managing financial projects.



  • Managing Director - Engie Solutions Hydrogène

    February 1, 2024 - present

  • Deputy CMO - Marketing, Data And Communication Department

    October, 2020

  • Head Of Offers Marketing

    November, 2017

  • Head Of Sales And Partnership Strategy

    April, 2014

  • Finance Strategic Project Director - Finance

    May, 2010

  • Head Of Back Office Departement - Financial Department

    April, 2005

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