Chang Yu

VP, Product at Ergatta

My 3 dream dinner guests would be: Kevin Garnett, Notorious BIG, Jason Mantzoukas

If there were 25 hours in a day, I'd spend the extra hour: Sleeping

If I could compete in an event at the Olympics, it'd be: Have never personally done it but love watching Speed Skating

Are you a cat or a dog person (or neither?)

Dog (allergic to cats). I probably would want to be some sort of lazy lap dog like my dog, Fluffy (Maltese mix)

What's your communication style?

I prefer concise comms verbally, but I'm more liberal with context in written form. I would describe my style as casual, transparent and curious.

What's the best professional advice you ever received?

Always try to take a lunch break with coworkers - it's worth it no matter what else is going on.

What are your strengths?

Generally - I favor getting things done (fast not perfect) and that tends to align well with fast-paced startup cultures

How do you like to run meetings?

I prefer to have a set agenda in advance to make the most of the meeting time



  • VP, Product

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