Ergatta is changing the motivation that moves people. We are a team of bright, driven, and innovative thinkers on a mission to build a new consumer category: game-based home fitness. Our flagship product, the Ergatta Rower, provides a competitive and personalized full-body rowing workout through an... Read more






Org chart

Tom Aulet
Co-Founder & CEO
Prasanna Swaminathan
Co-Founder & CTO
Alessandra Gotbaum
Co-Founder & COO

Behind the scenes


Be the change

This is your company. Take the initiative to change suboptimal things, solve problems and create opportunities. We all can and should have a massive impact on the future of the company; behave accordingly.

Do your research

When making important decisions, or when making an important proposal, we gather data, understand context, and speak to experts. We move quickly, but our decisions are still rooted in research.

Be fast, not perfect

Prototype, test, ship, and iterate faster than anyone else in fitness. Make decisions quickly and then refine them as more information comes to light. As a startup, speed and agility are our greatest assets.

Be open and direct with collaborative intent

Err on the side of over-communication and speaking your mind, but do so in the interest of arriving at a better answer for the company and the mission (and assume the same in others).

Focus on outcomes

It doesn’t matter where ideas come from. What matters is that we arrive at the best possible outcome for the company and our customers.

Come back to the why

We genuinely care about the mission, want to help people, and thus use those people (aka our customers) as guideposts for important company decisions, especially in our product.