Christopher Robles

Manager, Customer Operations at Eventbrite

Christopher Robles has worked in the customer support and customer experience field for several companies. Christopher started their career in 2014 at Ticketfly, where they initially worked as a Customer Support Agent. Christopher then progressed to become a Supervisor, responsible for overseeing the customer support team. From there, they were promoted to Assistant Manager, where they played a managerial role in customer support. In 2018, Christopher joined Eventbrite as an Associate Manager, focusing on customer experience. Currently, they hold the position of Manager, Assisted Success at Eventbrite, a role they assumed in September 2022.

Christopher Robles attended City College of San Francisco from 2008 to 2010, but did not receive a degree or pursue a specific field of study. Following this, from 2011 to 2014, they attended SAE Expression College, where they earned a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Interactive Audio.



  • Manager, Customer Operations

    January 1, 2024 - present

  • Manager, Assisted Success

    September, 2022

  • Associate Manager Customer Experience

    August, 2018