Jia Yueting

Founder, Chief Product & User Officer at Faraday Future

Mr. YT Jia is the Founder and CPUO of FF. From a strategy and business model perspective, he is in charge of the comprehensive implementation of the next generation of shared intelligent mobility ecosystem. Focusing on product and technology, he will break the boundaries and create the ‘new species’ of internet, AI, consumer electronics and automotive. In terms of users, he will be building the user-centered internet eco O2O model of user acquisition and user operation.

Back in 2013, Mr. YT Jia defined the strategy of the next generation shared intelligent mobility ecosystem and transformed the global internet intelligent auto industry. In 2014, he personally established FF in California, a place where innovation is central to creative thinking. Supported by the approach of the third internet living space and UP2U (User Planning to User) core philosophy, and a technology innovator, YT has led the FF R&D team and preparation efforts over the past five years to define and launch the first production FF 91. The four trends YT identified five years ago, include electric, smart, internet and sharing and have subsequently become the new standard in the global automotive industry.

YT Jia is an entrepreneur who thinks with a high-level strategic mindset and creates disruptive innovation tactics and technologies. He also focuses on communication, online videos, smart phone technologies, smart TVs, internet ecosystems, smart mobility and more. He has accurately predicted industry trends and has created enormous user value, enterprise value, industry value and social value in his ventures.

In 2002, YT set up XBELL Communications Technology Co., and later developed China's earliest mobile streaming solution, blazing a new trail in the industry.

In 2004, YT founded LeTV (Leshi Internet Information & Technology Inc.), which became among one of the first video streaming websites in the world to go public and was worth more than 25 billion USD at its peak, ranking among the Top 5 public internet companies in China.

Through purchasing the IP of internet video content and selling membership subscriptions, LeTV pushed for the transformation to patented video streaming in China and started the craze for paid online content among users. The movie production arm, LeVision Pictures, was also the first internet media company integrating both content production and content operation.

In 2008, he created the internet smart TV set up box as the access point of "internet content + smart hardware", which became the best-selling TV set up box in China.

In 2013, the internet smart TV was launched. With the "smart hardware + paid content" concept, more than 10 million units of the internet ecosystem TVs were sold globally over a short three-year span, making it the No.1 internet smart TV brand at the time.

In 2015, the ecosystem smartphone was launched and sold to more than 30 million units over two years, ranking among the Top 5 smartphone brands in terms of shipment at its peak.

YT proposed the pioneering internet ecosystem business model centered around "platform + content + device + application". By the end of 2016, the internet ecosystem business model was successfully implemented, having led the wave of paid online memberships and ultimately changed people's internet way of life.

In 2019, as the Founder and CPUO of FF, YT is pushing for the implementation of the next generation shared intelligent mobility ecosystem strategy, and is committed to providing the new ecosystem model of "hardware + software + AI + internet and cloud + sharing" to mobility, and leading FF to continue its role in the transformation of the global mobility industry.


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