Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States. It formulates and administers credit and monetary policy.





Org chart

Board of Governors

Andreas W. Lehnert
Director, Financial Stability
Patrick J. McClanahan
Chief Operating Officer
Mark E. Van Der Weide
General Counsel
Matthew J. Eichner
Director, Operations and Payment Systems
Beth Anne Wilson
Director, International Finance
Michael S. Gibson
Director, Supervision and Regulation
Ann E. Misback
Associate Director & Secretary
Leah Middleton
Assistant Director
Eric S. Belsky
Director, Consumer and Community Affairs
Stacey M. Tevlin
Director, Research and Statistics
Evan Howard Winerman
Assistant General Counsel
Nischala N. Nimmakayala
Assistant Director
Edward Anderson
Assistant Director
Emily Caron
Assistant Director
Trevor A. Reeve
Director, Monetary Affairs
Mark Bialek
Inspector General
Andrew Vann Krug
Deputy Director, Information Technology
Caio Peixoto
Deputy Associate Director