Jonas Hellberg

Sr. Developer at Findity

Jonas Hellberg has extensive work experience in software development. Jonas started their career in 2007 as a Software Developer at Hoerbiger Control System AB, where they developed Windows applications and Linux embedded systems. Jonas continued their software development journey at PiiGAB processinformation AB, working on a Linux-based gateway product. In 2010, they worked at Saab Microwave Systems, where they completed their Master's thesis on Java concurrency and multicore platforms.

After that, Hellberg joined Ericsson and Dfind as a Software Designer and Software Developer Consultant, respectively. In 2011, they worked at Mecel AB as a Software Engineer. Jonas then joined OpenText in 2012 as a Senior Software Engineer, where they contributed to full stack development, REST API design, and cloud infrastructure development. Their work at OpenText resulted in several new software versions and a major platform rewrite.

In 2019, Hellberg joined as a Senior Software Engineer, where they led the development of a new IOS delivery app and its backend. Technologies used in this role included Grails, AngularJS, AWS, Docker, and Swift.

Currently, Hellberg works at Findity as a Senior Developer, starting in 2020.

Jonas Hellberg received their Ms.Sc degree in Civilingenjör (Software Engineering, Datateknik) from Chalmers University of Technology, where they studied from 2005 to 2010. In addition, they obtained a certification in Machine Learning Specialization from Coursera in January 2023.


Previous companies

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  • Sr. Developer

    January 1, 2020 - present