Brandon Chen

Chief Technology Officer at Finless Foods

Brandon Chen, Chief Technology Officer of Finless Foods, has long been involved in biotech and conservation. As a technologist and long-time surfer, he’s always been interested in developing solutions to the issues that impact health and the environment. Prior to joining Finless Foods, his extensive career path centered around working with bioprocess engineers, where he witnessed the scale-up process and commercialization of fermentation-based chemical products.

In 2019, Brandon joined the Finless Foods team after meeting with the Co-Founders and aligning heavily with their mission and values. Brandon loves the inherent diversity at Finless Foods, which is comprised of a team with different backgrounds, cultures, and working styles. He believes inclusion and diversity are key elements for the success of any company. Putting his extensive knowledge and skillset to valuable use, Brandon works closely with the team on research and development of cell-cultivated seafood, leading toward scale-up and commercialization.



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