Kaan Gunay

Co-Founder & CEO at Firefly

Kaan Gunay is the Co-Founder and CEO of Firefly, a startup that is currently in stealth mode. Prior to Firefly, Kaan was a Fellow at Lightspeed Venture Partners, where they worked with various startups including Ace Games, Lime, Eaze, FreeWill, Nova Credit, Kunduz, Sugar, Anchorage, and Lidyana. Before Lightspeed, Kaan was a Fellow at Sequoia Capital.

Prior to their venture capital career, Kaan worked as a hedge fund investor at Bracebridge Capital, LLC. There, they focused on Emerging Markets and Europe.

Kaan's research on "Polarization dependence of light transmission through individual nanoapertures in metal films" was published in the Journal of the Optical Society of America (Josa B).

Kaan is also an investor and advisor for various startups.

Kaan Gunay received their Master of Business Administration from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and their Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University.

Some individuals on their team include Roey F. - SVP, Product, Chris Polos - SVP, Firefly Media, and Cevdet Nuhrat - SVP, Engineering & GM, Turkey.


  • Co-Founder & CEO

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