John A. Hakopian

President, First Foundation Advisors at First Foundation

Mr. Hakopian is, and since April 2009 has been, the President of FFA, and is and since 2007 has been, a member of the Board. Mr. Hakopian was one of the founders of FFA in 1990, when it began its operations as a fee-based investment advisor, and served as its Executive Vice President and Co- Portfolio Manager from 1994 through April 2009. Mr. Hakopian earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from UCI and a MBA degree in Finance from the University of Southern California.

Mr. Hakopian’s extensive knowledge of the Company’s wealth management and investment advisory business makes him a valuable member of the Board who is able to provide the outside Board members with insight into the operations and risks of that business.


  • President, First Foundation Advisors

    Current role

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