Mingming Wu

Strategic Finance at Forward

Mingming Wu has worked in a variety of roles since 2013. Mingming began their career at CPP Investment Board as a Fundamental Investing Analyst. Mingming then moved to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2016, where they held the roles of Senior Investment Analyst and Investment Analyst. In 2018, they joined Owkin as a Strategy and Business Development professional. Mingming then moved to OMNY Health as a Business Development professional in 2019, and then to Bristol-Myers Squibb as a Commercial Strategy professional. In 2021, they joined On Deck as a Fellow and Village Forecasting Club as a Member. In 2022, they joined FOG Ventures as an Investor and Forward as a Strategic Finance professional.

Mingming Wu received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia Business School and a BMATH from the University of Waterloo, where they double majored in Financial Analysis and Actuarial Science.


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  • Strategic Finance

    March, 2022 - present