Suzanne Siminski

CEO at Frontier Science

Suzanne Siminski has been working in clinical trials data management and related research activities for more than 30 years. Sue has taken a leadership role in the development of Frontier Science’s laboratory data expertise and software. While Director of the New York office, Sue oversaw leadership groups involved in data management, software development, regulatory oversight and key projects. She currently serves as the Frontier Science Principal Investigator for PHACS and CPQA projects, as co-Principal Investigator of the coordinating center for the C3PNO project, and as Director of the Data Management and Reporting Unit for the Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (CP-CTNet), all programs funded by the NIH. As Chief Executive Officer of Frontier Science Foundation, Sue is strategically increasing the repertoire of clinical research services provided by the organization, and actively building global collaborative partnerships with investigators around the world. Sue’s entire CV is available here.


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