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Org chart

Nick Sykes
Global CEO

Nick Sykes

Jon Tipple
Global Chief Strategy Officer
Meghan Labot
Chief Growth Officer, North America
Simon Bent
Global CFO
Stephen Barber
Chief Experience Officer
Gianni Tozzi
Chief Creative Officer, International
George Gottl
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, FutureBrand, UXUS
Ewerton Mokarzel
CEO & Partner, FutureBrand, São Paulo
Queenie Lo
CEO, FutureBrand, UXUS
Richard Curtis
CEO, FutureBrand, Australia
Lauren Maynard
Global Chief Growth Officer
Tasneem Ali
Chief Creative Officer
Daniel Andersson
Chief Creative Officer, North America
Simon Hill
President, FutureBrand, North America
Alessandra Iovinella
Managing Director, FutureBrand, Milan
Gustavo Koniszczer
Managing Director, FutureBrand, Hispanic America
Polly Hopkins
Managing Director, FutureBrand, London
Sophie Cheng
General Manager, FutureBrand, China
Federico Bettini
Head Of Production
Iván Víquez Solórzano
Client Services Director
Cerys Tusabe James
Client Services Director
Eleri Cleaver
Client Director
Evan Karol
Client Director
Silvia A.
Client Director
James O'Shaughnessy
Client Director
Katherine Steadman
Client Director
Katy Nunn (nee Burgess)
People And Culture Director
Helene Pirel
General Manager
Alessia Andreassi
Senior Account Manager
Ariella Cohen
Project Manager
Asmaa Ali
Inside Sales Representative
Cecilia Gatti
Senior Account Manager
Daniela Licciardello
Senior Account Manager
Florencia Aiello
New Business Sales
Marco Grassi
Revenue Accountant
Maria Sofia Miscia
Account Executive
Matteo Rivolta
Account Executive
Paola Cereda
Account Executive
Raimondo Raimondi
Account Executive