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Zenith is the ROI Agency. Their more than 6,000 specialists across 95 markets offer unparalleled capabilities in Media, Data, Technology, Commerce and Content.





Org chart

Christian Lee
MD, Zenith Worldwide

Christian Lee

Benoit Cacheux
Global Chief Digital Officer
Ben Lukawski
Global Head of Strategy
Tim Waddington
Global Head of Performance
Lee Moran
Global Client Lead
Carly Bedford
Global Client Lead
Eva Christensen
Global Client Lead
Maya Epstein
Global Client Lead
Phoebe Jones
Global Client Lead
Helene Atkinson
Global Client Lead
Andrea Di Fonzo
CEO, Italy
Firas El Zein
CEO, Middle East
Jennifer Andree
CEO, Germany
Kenneth Brinkmann
CEO, Denmark
Christina Lu
CEO, China
Pascale Miguet
CEO, France
Erwin Vaskovich
CEO, Austria
Tanmay Mohanty
CEO, India
Jason Tonelli
CEO, Australia
Emma Thorp
CEO, Sweden
Alastair Taylor
CEO, Canada
Maggie Yang
MD, Taiwan
Maria Brinkmann
MD, Switzerland
Cesar Perez
Managing Director, Mexico
Nicky Greville
Managing Director
Mark Oben-Pepra
Global Client Lead
Andrew Tillyer
Global Client Lead