Raj Chopra

Advisor at Geocann

Raj K. Chopra is a leading authority on health foods and vitamin supplements in the USA. He is acknowledged to be one of the world's experts in chewable multivitamin formulations, timed-release formulations and bio-enhanced supplements. He has been instrumental in providing support for The American College of Nutrition through Tishcon as a National Nutrition Alliance member for years. Mr. Chopra continues to serve as Chairman/CEO of Tishcon Corporation.

Prior to establishing Tishcon, Mr. Chopra received the Gold Medal for Outstanding Academic Merit and University First Rank recognition from L. M. College of Pharmacy in India. Mr. Chopra taught Industrial Pharmacy at Columbia University, where he received a full scholarship for his graduate studies, and later served as Technical Director of Private Formulations, Inc.

In 2006, The American College of Nutrition (ACN) honored Mr. Chopra as the 2006 Industry Recipient of the prestigious Bieber Award "in recognition of his outstanding academic accomplishments and distinguished contributions in the nutrition industry".


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