GEP is a global provider of strategy, software, and managed services to enterprise supply chain management and procurement at Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies worldwide.





Org chart

Subhash Makhija
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Subhash Makhija

Roopa Gandhi
President & Founder
Neha Desai Shah
President & Co-Founder
Jagadish Turimella
COO & Co-Founder
Matt Tuller
General Counsel & Global Head of Human Resources
Abhishek Pandey
Global Head of Business Development and Services
Ramachander Raja
Global Head, Finance & IT
Al Girardi
Global Head of Marketing
Suresh Visvanathan
Global Head of Software Sales
Amol Jawale
VP Consulting
Ashwin Kumar
VP Consulting
Binayak Shrestha
VP Consulting
Jamie Ogilvie-Smals
VP Consulting
John Piatek
VP Consulting
Ken Legge
VP Alliances & Partnerships
Krish Vengat N
VP Consulting
Michael Seitz
VP Consulting
Mike Jette
VP Consulting
Mukund Acharya
VP Global Delivery
Santosh Nair
VP Technology
Wayne Clark
VP Global Delivery
Vinayak Agashe
VP, Engineering
Nikunj Khemani
VP, Global Delivery
Rakhi Mullick
VP, Digital Transformation
Pranav Padgaonkar
VP, Consulting
Roberto Perez
VP, Procurement Operations
Paul Tepper
VP, Artificial Intelligence
Luis Carlos Rodriguez
VP, Consulting
Ashwin Kalra
VP, Software, Solution Design
Manish Sharma
VP / Global Head of HR
Amanda Oelschlegel
VP, Solution Design
Sathyan Narasingh
VP, Engineering
Abhishek Raghavan
VP, Solution Design, Services
Darren Lynch
VP, Consulting
Rafiq Merchant
VP, Consulting
Jason Allukian
VP, Business Development, Services
Uday Singh
Head, Supply Chain Software
Chad Cochran
Head of North American Software Sales
Shekhar Tiwari
Global Head, Managed Services
Naveen Mahendra
Regional Director