Robin Cavanaugh

Chief Technology Officer at GetWellNetwork

Robin Cavanaugh drives innovation and technology strategy for GetWellNetwork. A company veteran of nearly 20 years, his vision and expertise have been integral in the company’s evolution to become the leader in patient engagement technology.

As chief technology officer, Robin is responsible for R&D, product architecture and development. He steers solutions from prototype to production and creates scalable, integrated systems for leading health care organizations.

Under his leadership, GetWellNetwork is leveraging emerging technologies to bring the newest innovations to clients around the globe. He oversees the application of new technologies and architectural foundations in the building of cross-continuum solutions that are responsive to the changing needs of the industry.

Robin’s experience includes technology solution deployments at large organizations such as General Electric and Monsanto, as well as at several federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Mental Health Services.


  • Chief Technology Officer

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