Haystack Needle

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Haystack Needle is a design and production agency based out of New York, serving clients all over the globe. Formally established in 2001, Haystack supports leaders in marketing, corporate communications, crisis communications and investor relations.





Org chart

Townsend Belisle
CEO, EP & Creative Director

Townsend Belisle

Blue Moreno
Creative Director
George Kachadorian
Lead Director/Editor, Fearless Company
Monica Buongiovanni
Team Lead, Haystack Reputation
Ava Harvey
Team Lead, Finance
Joanna Blieden
Team Lead, Nomeni
Elissa Koop
Team Lead, Haystack Digital
Monica Yanda
Team Lead, Haystack Resolution
BG Bigelow
Team Strategic Lead, Fearless Company
Chris Polisi
Team Technical Lead, Fearless Company
Zach Niles
Creative Director - Tailfeather Branding & Identity