John Asermely

Chief Product & Technology Officer (cpto) at Hireology

John Asermely has a diverse work experience in various leadership roles in the technology industry. John is currently serving as the Chief Product & Technology Officer (CPTO) at Hireology, where they have successfully integrated the product and technology teams for improved innovation and development. Prior to their current role, they were the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Hireology, leading a significant technology transformation to modernize the company's tech capabilities. Before Joining Hireology, John held the position of Vice President of Mortgage and Real Estate at DocuSign, where they led the product and engineering vision for their real estate and mortgage verticals. Additionally, they have experience as a Senior Director of Engineering at DocuSign, Director of Software Development at CDK Global, Co-Founder at APS National, Lead Software Engineer at ICS, Senior Software Engineer at Global VR, and a Java Developer at Raytheon. Throughout their career, John has demonstrated expertise in strategic leadership, technology transformation, and product development.

John Asermely completed their Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Massachusetts Amherst from 1995 to 1999. John also obtained a Master's degree in Secondary Education and Teaching from the same university during the same time period.


Previous companies

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  • Chief Product & Technology Officer (cpto)

    June, 2023 - present

  • Chief Technology Officer (cto)

    May, 2022