Martin Biermann

Chief Product Officer at HRS Group

Martin Biermann has a diverse work experience that spans various industries and roles. Martin started their career as a Software Engineering Manager at DOUGLAS HOLDING AG, where they were responsible for developing a digital book store and a rich reading experience in the app. After that, they worked as the Director of Engineering at Trademob GmbH, leading a team that developed user analytics infrastructure for mobile platforms.

Martin then served as Launch CTO at ZipJet, where they built the technical foundation for an instant laundry delivery startup. Martin also held the role of Launch CTO at FINERY LONDON, managing the technical aspects of the online women's fashion label.

Martin Biermann's experience with Rocket Internet SE as the Global CTO involved incubating e-commerce companies globally, and their focus was on emerging economies. Martin also founded Triptello, a machine-learning recommendation engine for personalized leisure travel experiences.

Recently, Martin Biermann has been working at HRS Group, initially as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Innovation Hub and later as the Vice President of Product Development. In these roles, they supported the global expansion and business strategy of the company, implementing agile product strategies and data-driven value creation.

In addition to their roles in various companies, they are also involved in industry associations. Martin is a member of the Technology Committee at GBTA | Global Business Travel Association, representing HRS GROUP. Martin is also a member of the Sustainability Leadership Council at GBTA Sustainability Committee, advising on sustainability programs in the business travel sector.

Martin Biermann began their education in 2006 at UC San Diego, where they studied Computer Science. Martin attended this institution for one year, until 2007. Following this, they pursued further education at the University of Potsdam from 2008 to 2011. During this time, they obtained a Master of Science (MS) degree in Computer Science.


Previous companies

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  • Chief Product Officer

    March, 2019 - present

  • Vice President Product Development

    March, 2016

  • Chief Technology Officer CTO Innovation Hub

    January, 2016