Kurt J. Hilzinger

Chairman at Humana

Kurt J. Hilzinger was initially elected to the Board in July 2003, and was elected as Chairman of the Board effective January 1, 2014. Mr. Hilzinger served as Lead Director on Humana’s Board of Directors from August 2010 until his appointment as Chairman. Mr. Hilzinger is a Partner at Court Square Capital Partners, LP, an independent private equity firm, having held this position since November 2007. Prior to that, he was a Director of AmerisourceBergen Corporation from March 2004 to November 2007; having previously served as President and Chief Operating Officer of AmerisourceBergen Corporation from October 2002 to November 2007, and as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer from August 2001 to October 2002. Mr. Hilzinger also serves on the Board of Directors of Outlook Therapeutics, Inc.

The Board believes that Mr. Hilzinger is a strong operating executive with a finance and strategic background, whose operational experience and financial expertise in the health care sector contributes valuable insight to the Board.


  • Chairman

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