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Org chart

João Ricardo Mendes

Bruna Zonis
Head of People
Beatriz Machado
Head of Growth & Marketing
Felipe Hadba
Head of Business Analytics
Gabriel Machado
Head of Data Engineering
Victor Kato
Head of Loon Factory
Beatriz Peixoto
Head of Staff
Thiago Barroso
VP of Fraud & Countermeasures
Julia Martinez Aieta
Customer Experience Director
Thiago Cortat
Chief Product Officer
Paloma Gueiros Lacerda
Public Relations Lead
Davidson Manhães
Strategy Creative Lead
Renan Kamia
Head on Hands
Matheus Monteiro
Head of Operational Strategy
Felippe Xavier
Commercial Head
Leandro Souza
Chief Technology Officer

Behind the scenes


It’s all about people

Develop yourself, develop others, be kind. Technology wouldn’t matter if not serving human beings.

Make user-centered decisions

After all, who are we optimizing travel and time for?

Do more with less

Optimize, prioritize, be smart about how you allocate your time

Uplift each other

Uplift each other

Pay it forward

Grateful attitude and commitment to passing along the best version of yourself

Ask for forgiveness, not permission

Ask for forgiveness, not permission Responsibility and courage to take risks