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Influence & Co. is a woman-owned content marketing agency that specializes in creating engaging content that fuels companies’ content marketing efforts and positions their key employees as influencers in their industries. They combine a talented team of content marketing experts with custom technolo... Read more





Kelsey Raymond
Co-Founder & CEO

Kelsey Raymond

Jennifer Faddis
VP, Account Services
Becky Ruyle
VP, Marketing
Melanie Janisse
Senior Director, Media Relations
Courtney Mudd
Director, Human Resources
Tony Patrick
Director, Digital Marketing
Jose Rodriguez
Director, Financial Operations
Alexa Hartwig
Director, Account Services
Matt Patston
Director, Account Services
Joanie Zinser
Director, Account Services
Lauren Tellman
Director, Content
Sara Koller
Director, Partnerships
Erin Holm
Director, Talent Acquisition
Katie Doherty
Managing Editor
Ryan Gauthier
Managing Editor
Diane McGraw
Managing Editor