Integrated Services for Behavioral Health

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Healthy People. Strong Communities. Integrated Services is a community minded, forward-thinking behavioral health organization helping people along the road to health and well-being. LEARN MORE Here For You. Search to discover which services are availa...





Org chart

Samantha Shafer

Brandon B.
Managing Director, Information Technology
Becky Neubauer Eddy, MPA
Chief Operating Officer, ISBH Groundworks
Cory D.
Managing Director, Care Management
Craig Stewart
Chief Human Resources Officer
David Wallace
Chief Financial Officer
Denise Lemley
Manager, Healthcare Billing & Reimbursement
Heather Goudy
Case Manager
Lindsey Palmer
Managing Director
Randall Haskins
Chief Operating Officer
Sandy Sickles
Managing Director
Tom Hecker
Franklin County Area Manager
Shannon Brown
Manager Intensive Social Services