Jose Perez Lopez

CEO At Intelygenz A VASS Company at Intelygenz

Jose Perez Lopez has a diverse work experience spanning over several companies and roles. Jose is currently the CEO of Intelygenz, a business-technology consulting firm specializing in AI-Enabled Process Automation. In this role, they are responsible for scoping, building, deploying, and maintaining solutions that help organizations solve high-value problems and reduce time to value and risk.

Before joining Intelygenz, Jose was the Co-founder and CEO of NextInit, a SaaS business platform that uses collective intelligence for companies to drive innovation and improve processes. This platform is both game-driven and mobile, making it user-friendly and enjoyable.

Jose also worked as an Advisor at Eagle Ninja Corp, providing guidance and expertise in their field. Prior to that, they held multiple roles at Intelygenz, including CEO of the US Division and Co-founder, Developer, and Business Developer. These positions involved leadership, development, and collaboration to drive the success of the company.

Earlier in their career, Jose served as the CTO at Evoluciona, a Software Developer at Garben and CTI Centro Tecnológico Industrial, and a Software Developer at CajaSur. Jose also has experience as a Caballero Legionario Paracaidista in the Spanish Army.

Overall, Jose Perez Lopez has a strong background in business-technology consulting, leadership, innovation, and software development.

Jose Perez Lopez completed their Technical Engineering in Computer Systems degree from Universidad de Córdoba from 1995 to 1998. Jose also obtained a Bachillerato degree from Instituto Blas Infante. There is no specific information provided regarding the start and end years for these degrees. Additionally, Jose Perez Lopez attended Colegio Salesianos, although no degree or field of study information is available for this institution.

In terms of certifications, Jose Perez Lopez has completed the "JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts" course from Udemy. However, no information is given about the month or year of obtaining this certification.


Previous companies

Nextinit logo


  • CEO At Intelygenz A VASS Company

    January 1, 2023 - present

  • CEO

    August, 2016

  • Founder and CEO US Division

    September, 2011

  • Cofounder, Developer & Business Development

    March, 2003

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