Karina Rodriguez Sosa

Head Of Coe Corporate Learning, Culture & Organisational Change at International Personal Finance

Karina Rodriguez Sosa, Ph.D. has extensive work experience in various roles related to learning and development, culture and values, talent management, and organizational development. Karina has held leadership positions in well-known companies such as International Personal Finance Plc, HSBC, Novartis, Ericsson, and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Karina has expertise in designing and implementing educational portfolios, building organizational culture, and developing talent strategies to drive success in competitive environments. Karina is also a certified coach, consultant, speaker, and digital entrepreneur, providing psychoanalysis and mediation services.+

Karina Rodriguez Sosa, Ph.D. has an extensive education history. Karina earned a Bachelor of Psychology degree from Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México in 1991. Karina later pursued a Master of Science in Psychoanalysis from Centro Eleia Actividades Psicológicas, which they obtained in 1996. Karina further advanced their education by obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with a focus on Psychoanalysis from Centro Eleia Actividades Psicológicas in 2018.

In addition to their academic degrees, Karina also has several certifications. These include courses such as "Communicating Change in an Enterprise-Wide Transformation," "Emotional Intelligence Basics," "Leading through Relationships," "Managing in a Matrixed Organization," "Remote Work Foundations," "Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success," and "Using Neuroscience for More Effective L&D" obtained from LinkedIn. Karina has also completed a "Practitioner of the Advanced Core Curriculum | Leadership Academy 2021" course provided by Provident México. Karina's dedication to continuous learning is evident in their numerous certifications, which cover various areas such as organizational culture, creativity, personal effectiveness, business intelligence, and more.


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  • Head Of Coe Corporate Learning, Culture & Organisational Change

    2019 - present

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