Kenneth Lin

CEO & Founder, Credit Karma at Intuit

Kenneth started Credit Karma in 2007 to offer free credit scores and bring transparency and simplicity to the credit industry – an industry built around and prioritizing banks, not consumers. Today, Credit Karma serves more than 100 million members in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. It continues to use technology to bridge the gap between consumers and financial services by consistently rolling out free, consumer-first tools designed to help members manage their full financial lives -- to provide certainty in a world of financial uncertainty.

He has led the company from a small team of three to more than 1,300 employees who are disrupting consumer finance, serving millions of people. Kenneth’s vision is that one day technology will enable Credit Karma to automate a simple way for consumers around the world to manage their financial identities.

Kenneth also founded Multilytics Marketing in 2006 and has a B.A. in mathematics and economics from Boston University. He was selected to join the esteemed Aspen Institute’s Henry Crown Fellows in 2018. Kenneth lives with his wife and two young children in Oakland.


  • CEO & Founder, Credit Karma

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