Invictus Education Trust


Invictus Education Trust provides their communities with an excellent education, unique opportunities, and elite experiences.






Org chart

Tony Bowles
Chief Executive Officer

Tony Bowles

Angela Mander
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Karen Cocker
Chief Finance Officer
Phillipa Harris
Director of Education
Eve Stanton
Director of Invictus Institute
Sam Webb
Director of Human Resources
Amy Buttery
PA to Chief Executive Officer


Invictus Value One - "Every day, in every way, our students come first"

Our first and most important value

Invictus Value Two - "Anything is possible"

We focus on the challenge to identify it, our energy is spent finding a solution

Invictus Value Three - "Accountability"

If it is to be it is to be me

Invictus Value Four - "Seek and seize opportunities"

We aim to deliver ‘WOW’ through opportunities and experiences

Invictus Value Five - "Focus on relationships and all else will follow"

Open, honest and empathic relationships with clear and simple communication are the foundations of our Trust

Invictus Value Six - "Start with the end in mind"

We identify our aspiration and put processes in place to exceed expectations. We celebrate our progress throughout the journey

Invictus Value Seven - "Think collaboratively"

We always ask ourselves; can we include more students, more of our team or more of our schools in everything we do?