Vishal Singh

Global Head of Infrastructure at InterPlanetary Fund Management Group


Mr. Vishal Singh is the Chief Scientist at Lunargistics. His mission at Lunargistics is to help develop the propulsion systems for deep space exploration and mining.

Mr. Singh holds a Bachelor's Degree of Technology and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. He is the Author of several impressive research papers relating to physics and space phenomenon.

Some of his most notable research includes his papers entitled "Water and Mineral Exploration Using Available Technology on the Moon," "Fuel Comparison of Electrostatic Ion Thrusters," and his research on rocket nose cones used by Leo Satellites. In 2017, he presented his research on the Lunar Dust Accumulation Analyzer at the COSPAR symposium. His work has been acknowledged by various scientists and presented in the 2018 COSPAR assembly.

Before becoming the Chief Scientist at Lunargistics, Mr. Singh was Thermal Design Engineer at the IGOSat Project at Paris Diderot University and Director and Co-founder of the Team Callisto. With his leadership, Team Callisto won the Lab2Moon competition. His team was one among 3000 teams across the globe to send an experiment to the moon.


  • Global Head of Infrastructure

    July, 2020 - present

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