Jitubhai B. Shah

Founder & Director at J.B. & Brothers

Jitubhai was born in a small village called Vithoda near Palanpur in Gujarat in the year of 1955. Born to a poor cloth tradesman he was the eldest of six siblings.Jitubhai was far away from the world of diamonds. He used to help his father in his clothes shop whenever he had a chance and since then he was very inquisitive about business. He knew he had to do something to get his family out of poverty. He started working at one Sumtibhai’s diamond factory in Surat who was his first ever mentor in the diamond business. Those early experiences have shaped Jitubhai into what he is today. This determination and the thirst to learn more from every little thing has been the cornerstone of JB & Brothers’ success and remains to this day. After working at Sumtibhai’s factory for two years Jitubhai took the plunge in the diamond business in 1972. With a small workspace on rent for INR 50/-, he started his diamond business. Jitubhai is a very intuitive man and even today depends on his inner voice when it comes to business. He says, “One needs to love the business of diamonds and believe in it. A machine cannot really tell the sentimental value of a diamond but a feeling can”.

He very quickly realized the key driver of business (at the time) was in rough sourcing and he decided to migrate to Antwerp, Belgium in 1977. He saw a great opportunity during the economic slump of 1979-80; following which he established the groups first manufacturing unit.

He simultaneously built the groups rough sourcing, manufacturing, sales & marketing activities. His vision, business acumen, and diamond knowledge played a pivotal role in shaping the group.


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