Farhana Shahzadi

HR manager at Jive Software

Farhana Shahzadi has a diverse work experience spanning multiple companies and roles. Farhana currently works at Nwah Software as an HR manager, although details about their start date and duration in this role are not provided. Prior to this, they served as the Chief Executive Officer at One Touch from 2014 onwards. During their tenure, they achieved significant growth, increasing revenue by 400% over 5 years and managing a customer base of 2,700 across 3 states. Farhana also implemented new pumping technology, resulting in a 400% boost in productivity. Additionally, they capitalized on revised tax laws to improve cash flow by 27% and reduce annual taxes by 38%.

Before their role at One Touch, Farhana Shahzadi worked as the Chief Financial Officer at SK Office Supplies from 2006 to 2014. In this position, they successfully consolidated responsibilities and streamlined the accounting system, leading to a reduction in staff and saving $75,000 annually. Farhana also optimized payroll tax returns and financial statements, decreasing filing time from 20 to 15 days. Moreover, they spearheaded changes in the safety program, resulting in a significant reduction in Worker's Compensation cost and a 10% savings.

Furthermore, Farhana Shahzadi started their career in 2001 as a Marketing Executive at BLG Company. Farhana'sduration in this role is not specified, but their experience with marketing likely contributed to their later roles in leadership and financial management.

Farhana Shahzadi obtained an Associate's degree from Nova College. Farhana also received a Business Leadership Certification from the same institution. However, the specific start and end years for their education are not provided.



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