Amber Avila

Salesforce Talent Alliance Fellowship at K2 University

Amber Avila has a diverse work experience. Amber is currently a member of the Salesforce Pathfinder Training Program, where they hold the position of Salesforce Pathfinder. Prior to this, they held the role of Salesforce Talent Alliance Fellowship at K2 University. Additionally, Amber worked as a Business Analyst at Accenture.

Before transitioning into the tech industry, Amber had previous experience in customer service roles. Amber worked as a Customer Service Representative at Vallen, formerly Hagemeyer North America, where they handled database administration tasks, troubleshooting office equipment, and provided technical support to end users. Prior to that, they worked at Owen Drive Surgical Clinic, where they excelled in customer service and demonstrated attention to detail in inventory control.

Amber Avila's education history is as follows:

Amber Avila completed the Salesforce Pathfinder Training Program in 2022.

In the same year, they participated in the Cyber Ohana Project, where they focused on Cyber Security.

In 2021, Amber Avila attended NPower to study Information Technology.

From 2017 to 2020, they pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Information/Medical Records Technology/Technician at Purdue University.

Amber Avila received their high school education at Westover High School from 1998 to 2002.

Additionally, Amber Avila has obtained several certifications, including Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks from Coursera and Agile Requirements Foundations from LinkedIn, both obtained in March 2023. Other certifications cover a range of topics, such as business etiquette, data analytics, and Google Workspace, also obtained in March 2023.


Previous companies

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  • Salesforce Talent Alliance Fellowship

    May, 2022 - present

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