Bryan Lauer

CTO at K4 Mobility

Bryan Lauer is the current CTO at K4 Mobility. Bryan was previously the Vice President of Engineering at Gogo from December 2006 to April 2020. Bryan has over 30 US patents awarded and/or in process.

Lauer is an experienced system architect and leader with a deep understanding of communication technologies. Bryan is a strategic thinker who knows how to take concepts and ideas and make them a reality. Bryan has managed several engineering and operational teams that design, prototype, deploy, and operate Gogo's Global transport services network.

The transport services network that Lauer and their team designed includes gogo aircraft systems, data center and satellite teleport infrastructure, global WAN, Terrestrial ATG and Ku radio network systems, all IP systems, accounting/authentication systems, firewall/IPS, CALEA support, and traffic policy systems. The team is also responsible for the system design of the terrestrial and airborne infrastructure. They have AS9100 compliant documentation covering airborne and end to end design specifications, as well as documents that define the day to day operations of the network including full 24x7 higher tiered support.

Bryan Lauer received their Ph.D. in high energy experimental physics from Iowa State University and their BS in physics from Eastern Illinois University.

Some of their coworkers include Mark Malosh - SVP, Operations, Bo Feely - Sales Director, and Rishi Potdar - CFO. Some direct reports include Fernando Espinal - Senior Network Engineer, Ravi Kiran Eticala - Software Architect, and Archie Alorro - Systems Engineer. Bryan Lauer reports to Anand Chari, CEO and Co-Founder.


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