Randy Daal

CXO at Kadena

Randy Daal's work experience begins in 2011 with their role as a Freelance Web/App Developer at Randynamic. From 2013 to 2017, they worked at Frontmen - Frontend Experts, where they held various positions such as Manager and FrontMentor, mentoring junior and medior frontend developers. In 2015, they worked as a Front-end Developer at RTL. Randy then joined Rabobank ICT in 2016 as a Front-end Developer/Mentor, where they created a new Mortgage application and mentored a team of junior developers. In 2017, they worked briefly as a Frontend Consultant for Ahold Delhaize and as a React Native Developer for Cappow. From 2017 to 2018, they worked at Frontmania, organizing and serving on the program committee. In 2021, they worked as a Transformation Talent Development professional at iO. In 2022, they joined Kadena as a Developer Experience Lead, responsible for bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and enterprises using the Kadena blockchain platform. Additionally, Randy holds the role of CXO at Kadena, where they ensure the scalability and security of the blockchain platform using Chainweb and the Pact programming language.

Randy Daal attended the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences from 2002 to 2006, focusing on various subjects including business administration, management, communication, marketing, data processing, and interactive media. Randy did not obtain a specific degree from this institution. Prior to attending university, Randy also attended Oost Vaarders College, but the exact timeframe and field of study are not provided.

In terms of additional certifications, Randy obtained the following certifications: IBM Certified Solution Developer - IBM WebSphere Portal V6.0 in 2008, IBM Certified Solution Developer -- WebSphere Portal V5.1 in 2008, Sun Certified Java Programmer for J2EE platform, Standard Edition 5 in 2007. Randy also completed several online courses from Code School, including "Anatomy of Backbone.js," "Assembling Sass," "Git Real," "blasting-off-with-bootstrap," and "real-time-web-with-node-js." The specific months or years of obtaining these online certifications are not provided.


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  • CXO

    May 1, 2023 - present

  • Developer Experience Lead

    April, 2022

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